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Meet the Team

Committed to the Cause

Timothy M. Tobias

Timothy is the co-founder of Ballroom, We Care Inc., a doctoral candidate, and an active member of the House and Ball Community (HBC). His mission as a Social Worker is to advocate for culturally competent resources for members of the HBC struggling with crystal meth use and related mental health issues, while dedicated to identifying HIV prevention strategies that align with the needs of our youth/young adults of the HBC.

Michael Haynes

Known to many as "Uncle Mike", Mike Haynes is a trusted leader and one of the founders of BWC. As a long-time leader of the House Ebony and the Ballroom Scene, Mike is also known for his generosity and insurmountable love for his community. He upholds his Ballroom status as Icon through his dedication to the mission of BWC that focuses on improving the lives of those struggling with crystal meth use and mental health illness in the Ballroom.

Johnny Guaylupo

Johnny Guaylupo is an Assistant Director of youth services at a well-known organization in NYC and a dedicated leader of BWC. He is also a strong advocate for members of the Kiki Scene.

Jose Manuel Disla Jr.

Jose Disla is a hard-working, experienced, and trustworthy leader. Not only is he an asset to BWC, but he serves on New York City's Black Pride Planning Committee.  He is also a Leader and long-time Iconic member of the House of Extravaganza. In addition, He is ready to invest all of his time and energy into improving the quality of life for members of the Ballroom that are struggling with crystal meth use and mental illness.

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