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James Means

Administrative Assistant

James Means

James Means is a Brooklyn, NY resident, currently serving as an Educator within the New York City Charter Schools System. With a background in Business Marketing, James has been a dedicated contributor to Ballroom, We Care for over two years, taking on multiple pivotal roles within the organization, including Assistant to the Executive Director, Fundraising Specialist, and Sponsorship Coordinator.

Within Ballroom, We Care, James is celebrated for his exceptional administrative prowess. He efficiently manages a diverse array of tasks and responsibilities that play a crucial role in supporting the Executive Director's functions. Beyond this, James excels in generating innovative initiatives and creative ideas aimed at advancing the core mission of Ballroom, We Care.

James approaches his work with unwavering diligence and thoughtfulness, a reflection of his profound commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of his community. He holds the mission of Ballroom, We Care close to his heart, underscoring his status as a valuable asset to the services provided to members of the House and Ball Community. His dedication is particularly evident in his work with individuals grappling with challenges related to crystal meth use and mental health issues.

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