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Our Purpose

In 2024, we are inviting you to join us in our Ballroom We Care Inc, presents #WECAREWEDNESDAY Fundraiser Campaign. Ballroom, We Care is the perfect example of a small grassroots, for us-by-us nonprofit organization.

In 2018 Ballroom, We Care formed its 501©3 nonprofit organization as a response to a crystal meth crisis. To date Ballroom, We Care provides free volunteer-based services to individuals in the ballroom community who are struggling with crystal meth use and mental health-related issues. In 2019 Ballroom, We Care conducted a needs assessment surveying 300 members of the community. The information gathered suggests that the ballroom community, and the larger LGBTQ community need the support of Ballroom, We Care along with its allies More importantly, Ballroom, We Care is responsible for providing housing, substance use, medical, HIV prevention, and mental health referrals to over 35 individuals in the past 2 months from Ballroom. In addition, Ballroom, We Care offer free virtual crystal meth training, and individual and group counseling services. With that said, Ballroom, We Care understands the sacrifice and unique need in the community especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As we approach 2024 year; your families and your organization's donations would culturally support the community ideally. In an attempt to build a more substantial presence in the LGBTQ and Ballroom communities, this campaign would be a great opportunity to increase visibility and engage the community in a more financially and marketable environment. Through creative outreach efforts and community engagement strategies, an effective approach that could benefit both parties are outlined in our sponsorship packages on the following page. We are excited and look forward to a successful partnership.

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