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Jose Disla Xtravaganza

Board Member

Jose Disla Xtravaganza

With over three decades of dedicated involvement in the Ballroom community, Jose Disla "Xtravaganza" is a seasoned advocate for positive change. Hailing from the illustrious House of Xtravaganza, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to fostering a more inclusive and vibrant community.

Jose's passion for community service extends beyond the Ballroom, as evidenced by his active role on the Board of Black Pride. His dedication to promoting unity and empowerment within marginalized communities is a testament to his unwavering commitment to social justice.

Notably, Jose is a prominent figure in the world of female illusionists, deeply engaged in the pageantry system in New York City and across the continental USA. His support and mentorship have contributed significantly to the growth and success of aspiring artists in this dynamic field.

In addition to his roles within the Pageantry system and the Ballroom community, Jose has established himself as a respected designer and the sole proprietor of JMD Couture NY. His creative talents and innovative designs have garnered recognition and praise.

Furthermore, Jose's academic achievements are reflected in his Business Management and Hospitality Hotel Management degree from New York City College of Technology, demonstrating his dedication to personal growth and education.

Jose Disla "Xtravaganza's" multifaceted contributions, spanning the realms of community advocacy, pageantry, fashion design, and education, exemplify his enduring commitment to making a positive impact on the world around him.

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