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Mike Haynes

Finance Manager and Co-founder of Ballroom, We Care

Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes, affectionately known as "Uncle Mike Ebony,"serves as the Finance Manager and Co-founder of Ballroom, We Care. With a deep commitment to community-driven initiatives, Mike has played a pivotal role in establishing and managing the financial aspects of our organization. His dedication to transparency and accountability ensures that our financial resources are directed towards the impactful programs and services we provide. As "Uncle Mike Ebony" he stands as a revered and enduring figure within the Ballroom community. Mike's profound impact within the community extends from his role as a longstanding member of the esteemed House Ebony. His leadership prowess and unwavering commitment have earned him a well-deserved status as an Icon within the Ballroom scene.

A defining characteristic of Uncle Mike is his boundless generosity and deep-rooted love for the community. His enduring spirit shines through in his tireless efforts to uplift and support those within the Ballroom family. Mike's passion for the Ballroom movement, combined with his strong belief in BWC's mission, drives him to continuously advocate for the improvement of lives affected by crystal meth use and mental health challenges within the Ballroom.

Through his dedication, Mike Haynes exemplifies the essence of the Ballroom community, embodying the values of unity, resilience, and unwavering support. His enduring commitment to the Ballroom and BWC's mission is a testament to his profound love for the community he holds dear.

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