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Tabytha Gonzalez

TGNC Community Engagement Specialist

Tabytha Gonzalez

Tabytha "Maison Margiela" Gonzalez serves as the dedicated TGNB Community Engagement Coordinator at Ballroom, We Care, where her passion for community advocacy reaches far beyond her volunteer role. Tabytha's commitment to positive change and her remarkable leadership extend into various aspects of her life, making her a formidable force for progress.

In addition to her invaluable contributions to Ballroom, We Care, Tabytha is the visionary founder behind the Margiela Matters Initiative. This initiative underscores her deep commitment to driving meaningful change within the Ballroom and TGNB communities.

With a rich history as a longstanding member of Ballroom, Tabytha has demonstrated unwavering loyalty and dedication to the movement. Alongside her role at BWC, she also serves as an Associate Human Rights Specialist with the NYC Commission on Human Rights, further exemplifying her tireless efforts to champion human rights and social justice.

Tabytha's involvement in numerous TGNB and Ballroom community-led initiatives underscores her resilience and relentless commitment to her work. She tirelessly advocates for the betterment of individuals she serves, firmly believing in the transformative power of unity and community support.

Tabytha Maison Margiela's multifaceted contributions to the Ballroom and TGNB communities make her a driving force for positive change and a beacon of hope for those she touches with her unwavering dedication and advocacy.

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