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Mizael "Mickey" Ramos

Board Member

Mizael  "Mickey" Ramos

For nearly two decades, Mizael "Mickey" Ramos has dedicated his life to advocating for the empowerment of at-risk youth. With an unwavering commitment to crisis awareness and addressing the mounting mental health challenges faced by New York City, Mickey's passion continues to grow. He achieves his mission by imparting harm reduction techniques, connecting his clients to vital resources within the LGBTQ+ community, and collaborating with allies through motivational and educational initiatives. Mickey's unique ability to bridge connections among his clients underscores his skills as a counselor, peer support specialist, and trusted advisor to local families. Significant milestones have marked Mickey's professional journey. His first engagement with youth advocacy began as a volunteer with Americorp at Grand Settlement. Subsequently, he assumed the role of a youth counselor at University Settlement's dedicated youth division. following the merger of the two organizations, MIckey expanded his reach, becoming a youth coordinator at The Door. Recognized for his relentless dedication, he was invited by the City of New York to join the team at Hetrick Martin Insitute as an HIV test counselor and case manager. He was also piviatol in supporting the grassroots rundraising efforts for NYC Candidate Dianne Morales. Mickey contributed his voice to the committee advocating for her LGBTQ+ campaign.

Mickey is a prominent youth coach for the Manhattan/Hudson Valley region, partnering with Cardinal McCloskey Community Services. In parallel, he is completing his CASAC(Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) currcilculum.

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