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Way to often issues in our community go unnoticed. This happens when we see a lack of awareness and education about the culture, community, and lived experience of a specific group of people.  This happens when issues in our community are misinterpreted or misunderstood. As a result, BWC is finding a way to create user-friendly resources that are more culturally competent and align with the needs of our community.


Anthony  J. Patterson

NYC Psychotherapist

Anthony’s mission is to significantly contribute to the well-being of the individuals he serves regardless of sexual orientation or gender. His individual, group and couples therapy are open to all communities through therapeutic processes (consultations; individual; couples & group sessions); lectures & workshops. Please call 212-947-7111 ext. 236, or click the link below to learn more about how to access services.

Shane Tull, LCSW-R

Clinical Psychotherapist/Consultant

Shane Mark Tull is a Clinical Psychotherapist, consultant, and life coach, who is committed to improving the psycho-social development of humanity as it relates to individuals and communities. Shane has a diverse clinical and multicultural professional expertise in working with key populations. One year ago, Mr. Tull joined the JSI/APC team bringing his experience to APC Guyana, providing capacity and clinical counseling competencies to support testing, linkage to treatment, and the viral suppression for MSM, TG, and SW in Guyana.

 for more information about his services, call at (718)-222-6300, or  please click on the link below 

Christopher Johnson, MSW, CASAC 2


Chris Johnson is a mental health provider at GMAD whose area of expertise focuses on assessing mental health issues that are common to Black and Latino men who are attracted to other men(BLMAM). Those issues could be a result of stigma, sexual and gender identity, abandonment, homelessness, and substance use. Click the link below, or call at (718)- 222- 6300 for more information.

Re-charge Program

Mental Health Service Providers

RE-charge offers behavioral health options to those accessing services through the re-charge harm reduction program. There's is a team of culturally competent licensed social workers available to help address behavioral health needs. Please call at (212)-465-8304 ext. 4434, or click on the link below for more information on how to access behavioral health services.