COVID-19 Safety Guideline Recommendations for the Ballroom Community

  1. Social Distancing 

  • All ball promoters, event staff, and attendees are encouraged to comply with social distancing guidelines set forth by local and state governments.

  • Remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread the COVID-19.

  • Stay at least 6 feet (about two arms' length) from other people.

  • Keeping distance from others is crucial especially for people who are at higher risk of becoming ill.

2. Wearing Masks

  • The use of masks is recommended for all ball participants (walkers, judges, commentators, DJ, spectators, and staff). Ball promoters are encouraged to have masks present at the event for those who may not have one (for a free supply of mask, please reach out to

  • Consider a designated outdoor area for those who need to remove the mask(e.i smoking, or drinking). Social distancing is highly enforced in these areas. 

3.Increase Security

  •  Ball promoters are encouraged to hire additional security to monitor the bathroom flow. This practice will decrease crowd capacity in the restrooms.

  •  Additional security can also help maintain and enforce social distancing throughout the event.

4. Adjusting Responsibilities 

  • Commentator(s) should reinforce recommended safety measures on the microphone consistently throughout the event.

  • Ball promoters are encouraged to provide access to masks and hand sanitizers.


These recommendations have been developed by members of the ballroom community. In this process, we have given a lot of consideration of the nature of balls and their structure. Please accept these guidelines as an attempt to keep each other safe. Please keep in mind that the city and state have safety guidelines to adhere to that may be similar as well. More importantly, as a community, it becomes our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the members of our community. Remember, it's not the virus that causes the spread; it's people's behavior. For more information about these guidelines please email us at

 Click the "More Info" button below for updated CDC health regulations 

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Ballroom, We Care Inc.

an intervention created by Ballroom leaders, is dedicated to providing support, education, awareness, and identified culturally-competent resources to members of the Ballroom Community struggling with crystal meth use and mental health related illness.



The Ballroom Community?

The Ballroom Community or the Ballroom Scene is a resilient and self-supportive community with its roots dating back to the Harlem Renaissance Era.  As a subculture of the Black and Latinx NYC LGBT community, it was birthed out of a need for resilience, togetherness, creativity, and self-expression. To many, the Ballroom Community is a place of refuge and support. The Ballroom Community consists of Houses, elaborate Ball events, a Commentator, a Disc Jockey(DJ), and participants. More importantly, the Ballroom Community has influenced American pop culture while planting seeds around the world and empowering the rise of LGBTQ communities worldwide. Click here to learn more about the Ballroom Community 


Advocating for Services 

At Ballroom, We Care Inc., we are dedicated to identifying and advocating for crystal meth and other services that align with the needs of our community. In most cases, Ballroom members are struggling with a unique set of challenges that could potentially contribute to issues with substance use and mental health related issues. Click here to learn more about culturally competent resources.  


Increasing Visibility

With our mission in mind, we are striving to find innovative ways to address crystal meth use in the community. Ballroom, We Care Inc. is learning that the best way to genuinely connect is through outreach and community engagement, which means that our team is working to increase the visibility of Ballroom, We Care Inc. To learn more about ways to help us increase visibility, click here for tabling and category sponsorship.

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Take Our Survey

Ballroom, We Care Inc. developed a needs assessment survey that would allow us the opportunity to capture the lived experiences that Ballroom members are willing to share about crystal meth use. It's a quick very important 14 question survey.  If you are a part of this community, we strongly encourage your participation. Please click on the link below to take our survey.

Thank you


"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

                           James Baldwin


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